We Are Residential Roofing Contractors helping homeowners across St. Tammany Parish

Protect your most valuable investment with the installation of a new roof. Locally owned and managed, Olson Roofing installs state-of-the-art, energy- efficient residential roofs for the Parish of St. Tammany and other nearby parishes in Southeast Louisiana.

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We specialize in providing shingle roofs, and offer same day roofing estimates for your convenience.

How Can Our Residential Roofing Services Benefit You?

1. Prevent Costly Damage to Your Home
Your roof stands up to the challenges posed by fluctuating temperatures, destructive hurricanes, animals, insects and birds, and the natural wear and tear caused by age. Leaks in your roof weaken the external structure of your home and disfigure interior finishes. Olson understands the urgency of completing your roof installation in a timely and efficient manner. Whatever your choice of roofing material or color treatment, we more than meet the challenge of providing you with a professional assessment, top quality materials, installation by certified technicians and conform to the highest safety standards. Call today for a quick response and comprehensive approach to your new roof needs.

2. Improve indoor air quality and conserve energy
A new roof means that you and your family can enjoy energy conservation as well as health benefits from cleaner air. Roofing systems can become contaminated by mold from surrounding trees and plants, stained with age and develop cracks from extreme heat. This adversely affects the cooling and heating of your home, as well as the quality of air that your family breathes. Ask for a FREE, SAME-DAY ESTIMATE of a new energy efficient roof and watch your savings grow and your energy bill decreases. Call us if you have a “bad case of the shingles”!

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  • Along with providing quality residential roofs, Olson Roofing specializes in insurance claims, helping to ensure that your claim submission is successful. We offer same day roofing estimates for the convenience of our valued customers in Mandeville, Covington and Madisonville.

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