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If your roof has been damaged by hail, wind or storms, we can help!

Olson Roofing has been working with clients and their insurance companies to restore roofs quickly and efficiently for years. If you are faced with an insurance claim that involves your roof call us today – we can help ensure you are fairly represented with your insurance company.

Our Services Include:
• Insurance Claims
• Certified Roof Inspections
• Insurance Mediation
• Hurricane & hail damage assessment
• Same day quotes

We will help you get a fair adjustment for your claims, often with minimal expense to the home owner.

We will document all services provided for your roof in a format that is acceptable to your insurance company. Inflated claims are a concern for insurance companies. We are willing to meet with your insurance agent to assure them of the authenticity of your declaration and to ensure that you get a fair adjustment for your damage. Speak to us about your roof restoration and insurance claim.

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Benefits of having Olson Roofing help with your insurance claim:

• Speed up insurance claims
You need your roof damage to be assessed quickly and professionally so that you can present your case to the insurance company for a quick turnaround. Although the insurance company might do their own roof examination, it is important to inform your agent of any repairs that need to be made without delay. This information is crucial in the processing of roofing insurance claims for storm damage. Call Olson for a FREE, SAME-DAY ESTIMATE to submit to your insurance company.

• Prevent further damage to your roof and home
We will give you a head start on the repair or replacement of your roof preventing further damage to your home or business interiors and possessions. Your primary concern after a hurricane or storm is to get your roofing restored as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your family or employees. Ask Olson to restore your roof and protect your investments.

• Help you get a fair adjustment
A roofing contractor will be there to help you get a fair adjustment for your claim. We will work with your adjustor to make sure any and all damages to your roof are repaired and the recommendations they make fit your best interests.

Call Olson Roofing at 985-778-8693 for a speedy repair of your weather damaged roofs and a fair adjustment of your insurance claims.

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  • Along with providing quality residential roofs, Olson Roofing specializes in insurance claims, helping to ensure that your claim submission is successful. We offer same day roofing estimates for the convenience of our valued customers in Mandeville, Covington and Madisonville.

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